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Presbytery Business

The meetings of Presbytery are designed to provide opportunities for the community to worship and discuss issues together, as well as do the necessary Presbytery business. Commissioners will be asked to register their attendance at the registration table by signing next to the church they are representing. You will receive a name badge which entitles you to voice and vote during the meeting. Visitors are also asked to sign in and receive a guest tag. There will also be a table with additional handouts.



1. When speaking at Presbytery, please use the microphone and speak to the Moderator not the assembly.
2. Introduce yourself, by stating your name and your church or your position.
3. The parliamentary authority is Robert’s Rule of Order or the Standing Rules of the Presbytery.
4. Motions presented by commissions or committees do not require a second.
5. Each speaker during debate has up to three minutes to address the issue to which they are speaking.
6. The moderator will normally alternate between comments for and against the motion before the assembly.
7. The maker of the motion or commission/committee presenter may make the final comment.
8. Only enrolled commissioners (Ruling Elder Commissioners, Teaching Elders, Commissioned Ruling Elders and Ruling Elders serving on commissions) are authorized to vote. Corresponding members are entitled to address the Presbytery. Visitors may be invited by the moderator to address the Presbytery.
9. Present any substantive motion (new, amendment, substitute) to the stated clerk in writing, at the time the motion is made.
10. New business must be given to stated clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting.



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Last Published: June 15, 2017 10:20 AM