CEDEPCA, our mission host for the trip, began its biblical-theological education for clergy and lay persons in 1987, during Guatemala's Civil War. The war began with a political coup over land reform.  It progressed to Mayan genocide, and culminated in the wholesale murder of Christian social reform activists. It was clear to CEDEPCA founders that life-denying theology needed to be confronted with Reformed ideas, made available to anyone who dared to explore a new theology that would prepare them for service in Jesus' name.  CEDEPCA has a multi-level education program geared toward transforming faith, life and understanding.  Also essential to CEDEPCA's programming is its women's ministry and post-disaster spiritual and psychological care as well as pre-disaster community preparedness.  We are proud to partner with CEDEPCA! To learn more about CEDEPCA's work, visit their website, www.CEDEPCA.org.     



POB has a partnership with CEDPCA, a Central American ecumenical organization whose work in Biblical and Theological Education, Women’s Ministries, Disaster Ministry and Intercultural Encounters has successfully forged relationships with marginalized people in Central America for 30 years.  We will join with our partners at CEDEPCA to seek both inspiration and tools for reaching marginalized people in our own contexts.   

We will focus on:

  • Developing greater awareness of how we view marginalized communities based on our own life stories, cultures and biases.
  • Sharing God’s reconciling love with all people regardless of our differences, backgrounds or resources, recognizing that we are all equal in God’s eyes
  • Expressing our faith by building trust and recognizing more fully that we all have something to learn from each other
  • Deepening bonds of friendship and mutuality among members of this group and CEDEPCA
  • And more.  All discussion will be in English and Spanish.


If this theme speaks to you and your own calling for service, please consider participating in this workshop in Guatemala.

  • Trip to Guatemala: January 29 – February 3, 2018
  • Cost: $1500 inclusive of all program costs, airfare, Guatemala transport, food and lodging.  Some scholarship assistance may be available.
  • Registration Deadline with $500 deposit due October 20, 2017



To find out more, contact: Deb Milcarek, 410-433-2012, Dmilcarek@baltimorepresbytery.org