Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation

Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation


Clergy Coaching

As the Commission on Spiritual Leader Development has listened to clergy in our presbytery, we have discerned a number of needs, both spoken and unspoken. We’ve identified the need for:

-  Opportunities for spiritual growth and nurture

-  Advice in balancing work life with family life

-  Financial advice and how to prepare well for the future

-  Resources on encouraging a congregation to consider change/helping them navigate it

-  Resources for managing conflict between church leaders

-  Ways to manage obstructive or controlling personalities in the congregation

-  Tools to manage personal time management

What is clear to us is that every pastor can use the help of outside resources, but each pastor’s needs are unique to their circumstances. We have concluded that individual coaching is the most effective means to support our clergy. We offer funds primarily to two categories of clergy:

-  Clergy entering the presbytery can receive funds for coaching at any time during their first two years in the presbytery, for up to a year of coaching

-  Clergy who serve churches that have undergone a ministry assessment and are moving in a new direction can receive funds for a year of coaching

There are several certified coaches within the presbytery who can be recommended to clergy seeking coaching or clergy are free to find a coach outside of the presbytery.

Clergy Community Facebook page

Clergy in the presbytery are able to stay in touch, share ideas, and offer resources to one another through a closed Facebook group of clergy. To join the page, send a request to The Clergy Community of Baltimore Presbytery.

Clergy Retreat

Spiritual Leader Development hosts a retreat for clergy during the month following Easter. The 24-hour retreat is held at Bon Secours Conference Center at a reduced rate. Look for information about the retreat by January of each year. Scholarships are available.  


Scholarships for continuing education, coaching, and other training events are available through the Commission on Spiritual Leader Development. For information and applications, contact the Associate for Spiritual Leader Development, Debbie Schmidt,