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The Committee on Preparation is mandated to:

  1. be charged with the care and supervision of inquirers and candidates, and perform all functions assigned to that committee by Book of Order G-14.0300 and G-14.0400;
  2. be the responsible agency of the Presbytery for all functions assigned to the Presbytery by Book of Order G-14.0300 through G-14.0403;
  3. maintain and publish, in consultation with the Council, a Procedures and Requirements Manual for the Committee which will establish the strategy used by the committee on behalf of the Presbytery in performing its duties and responsibilities to the Presbytery and to inquirers and candidates for the ministry;
  4. nominate, for election by Presbytery, elder and minister readers of examinations for candidates for ordination at the request of the Presbyteries' Cooperative Committee on Examinations for Candidates;
  5. establish Administrative Commissions to ordain candidates of this presbytery who have calls in another presbytery in accordance with Manual XII;
  6. be the committee charged with the supervision, care, and certification of elders preparing for lay pastoral ministry.