JesusFish (2)


The Credentials Team of Committee on Ministry has two primary functions:

-- As gatekeeper, conferring that all pastors are ready to take a new position within the Presbytery (whether or not they are already members of the Presbytery). This discussion covers The pastor’s understanding of the situation at the church to which they are going, The “fit” between the pastor and church, and o The terms of call or contract, whether the candidate can answer all constitutional questions in the affirmative and is prepared to be fully active within the Presbytery and PC(USA).

-- Maintain the Pulpit Supply list

-- Tracking all minister members of the Presbytery who are in a specialized ministry or who are members at large. The Team Validates the ministries of those in specialized ministries outside the parish, reviews the annual reports of those ministers and of members at large to determine if the status is still warranted, and o Reports the results of the annual reports to the Presbytery for approval at the November meeting of the Presbytery. Click here for related forms.