In keeping with the Manual of Operations, the Presbytery of Baltimore announces its slate of nominees for Commissioner to the 222nd General Assembly meeting to be held June 18-25, 2016 in Portland, OR. Serving as a commissioner to the General Assembly is an honor, but it is also a lot of work -- and, ultimately, extremely rewarding. Months before the General Assembly officially begins, each commissioner will be assigned to a particular committee and receive information for each issue that the committee will be acting upon or recommending to the General Assembly.Once at the General Assembly, the commissioners will begin working in their assigned committees and later meet in plenary sessions to act on the recommendations from other committees. In addition to engaging in the work of the Church, there are also wonderful opportunities for worship and fellowship with so so many other Presbyterians from across the nation. The Presbytery of Baltimore's nominees for PC(USA)'s 222nd General Assembly of the are:

merritt TE Merritt Schatz has served as pastor of Grove Presbyterian Church for five year; she has over 31 years in the pastorate at four churches.  TE Schatz has also served eight years as a member of the National Response Team of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. She currently serves the Presbytery as vice chair of the Committee on Ministry as well as a convener of the Transitions Team.
Guy Moody

Guy Moody has served as a Ruling Elder of St. John United Methodist/Presbyterian Church for nearly 30 years. He has served on Session twice and chaired multiple church committees. He is also a co-convener of the West Side Story Ministry Group and a member of the Commission on Spiritual Leader Development.

anita Anita Bishop Johnson is a Commissioned Ruling Elder for Living Faith Fellowship. She has served six years on Committee on Ministry and was formerly a convener for the West Side Story Ministry Group.

Hannah Tennies, the nominee for Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD), is a member of Roland Park Presbyterian Church where she served as a deaconess, liturgist, head usher, choir member, Sunday school teacher and volunteer for various church events.  She enjoys being a part of the life of the church and seeks to grow her faith and leadership abilities while giving back to the community.