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Thursday, March 23


Govans Presbyterian Church 5828 York Rd, 21212

Each congregation in our Ministry Group is invited to send (5) leaders, including a pastor. Leaders do not have to be ordained but should be excited about the work we are doing together as a Ministry Group.

We will:

  • We will catch up on what's been happening in the UMMG since our last meeting
  • We will look ahead to plans for the McCabe Summer Camp
  • We will learn more about the McCabe Neighborhood with speakers from the Glenwood Life Counseling Center. 

Please RSVP the number of guests attending and specific dietary needs, i.e. vegetarian, to pastor@govanspres.org by March 20, 2017


McCabe Project

ISxj1u69lrc8iz0000000000The Uptown Metro Ministry Group has been involved with the McCabe neighborhood since 2012. We began with a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has expanded the scope of their work from single construction projects to the rehabbing of multiple properties in a single
neighborhood as the foundation for redevelopment, beginning with the McCabe site. Our ministry group was their first major partner in this effort. In addition to ministry group funds ($20,000) and Presbytery grant funds ($40,000), our congregations have contributed $24,000
and scores of construction volunteers since last spring. We have heard on numerous occasions how this project has engaged congregations in ways other mission efforts have not and it has generated enthusiasm for what is possible for ministry groups when we dare to dream big

From the beginning, the goal was to have a deeper engagement with this neighborhood in ways
that would empower and support their work of renewal and transformation. We have listened to
the neighborhood association president talk about their hopes and dreams of a safe place for
children and families. We want to be careful and intentional about our involvement so that it is
truly supports the efforts and goals of the residents themselves and not our ideas of what
should happen Over the course of several meetings we discerned that employing a community
organizer was the best way of achieving this. We have chosen to work with and through Strong
City Baltimore which has a proven track record of helping communities rebuild and flourish..
Attached is a draft job description and the anticipated costs. The organizer would be
accountable to the ministry group through Greater Homewood, would be expected to attend our
Ministry Group events and identify and facilitate engagement between our congregations, the
neighborhood and the York Road Partnership. Our ministry group, after thoughtful
consideration, committed to fund this position for two years.

We are unanimous and enthusiastic in our commitment to the McCabe Neighborhood and its
residents as an expression of the reconciling love and justice of Christ. We are finding that in
reaching out to these neighbors we are being strengthened in our own faith and witness and
growing in community with each other as we work together toward a common and tangible goal.
We expect that our commitments will continue to grow as we empower and work with the
McCabe neighborhood as it builds a hopeful and sustainable future for current and future