Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation

Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation

Ministry Resources


Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry (COM) seeks to care for both clergy and churches within the Presbytery by providing a full range of support resources.  The Committee is ready to help churches in transition, facing change or experiencing conflict.  We encourage congregations and clergy who might benefit from assistance to call the Chair of the Committee on Ministry to discuss their concerns.   You may contact him or her via email at  . The Committee is organized into teams: Credentials, Transitions and Pastor Parish Relations, and is responsible for overseeing Commissioned Pastors and the Sexual Misconduct Response Team. The Committee oversees many forms and policies to assist you in your ministry.

 COM Teams:

  • The Credentials Team serves as the gatekeeper for pastors taking a new position in the presbytery and is authorized by the presbytery to approve receiving members into the presbytery. It also tracks minister members who are in specialized ministries or are members-at-large and maintains the Pulpit Supply list.
  • The Transitions Team assists congregations making the transition from one pastor to the next pastor, including both permanent installed and temporary positions.
  • Pastor Parish Relations is charged with addressing and assisting with problems that emerge within congregations that are beyond the ability of the pastor and/or the session to resolve. 

Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation is mandated to:

  1. be charged with the care and supervision of inquirers and candidates, and perform all functions assigned to that committee by Book of Order G-14.0300 and G-14.0400;
  2. be the responsible agency of the Presbytery for all functions assigned to the Presbytery by Book of Order G-14.0300 through G-14.0403;
  3. maintain and publish, in consultation with the Council, a Procedures and Requirements Manual for the Committee which will establish the strategy used by the committee on behalf of the Presbytery in performing its duties and responsibilities to the Presbytery and to inquirers and candidates for the ministry;
  4. nominate, for election by Presbytery, elder and minister readers of examinations for candidates for ordination at the request of the Presbyteries' Cooperative Committee on Examinations for Candidates;
  5. establish Administrative Commissions to ordain candidates of this presbytery who have calls in another presbytery in accordance with Manual XII;
  6. be the committee charged with the supervision, care, and certification of elders preparing for lay pastoral ministry.  

Pulpit Supply

The Committee on Ministry Credentials Team maintains a Pulpit Supply List of persons qualified and willing to provide guest preaching services to churches in the Presbytery of Baltimore. Eligible persons are placed on the Pulpit Supply List at their request. Those  eligible  include:

  • Ministers who are not in pastorates or have been honorably retired.
  • Commissioned Pastors 
  • Certified Christian Educators
  • Ruling Elders upon the recommendation of their church’s session and pastor.
  • Ordained clergy from any denomination of which we are in correspondence (provided there is a positive recommendation from that denomination’s local governing body or leader, i.e. Presbytery, Vestry, Bishop, etc.)
  • Credentials shall have the authority to approve additional qualified persons for inclusion on the Pulpit Supply List. (Candidates for ordination will be considered if approved by the session and pastor.)

Please review the Pulpit Supply Guidelines and complete the complete the Pulpit Supply Information Sheet to request that your name be included on the Presbytery of Baltimore Pulpit Supply List.



Enduring Witness COM

This application will be used for congregations applying for grants administered by the Committee on Ministry. The types of grants are:

1. Clergy Grant – Assistance for coaching, counseling and a leave of absence (up to $2,000.00/year).

2. Congregation Grant - Assistance for pulpit supplies (up to $2,000.00/year)


 Application in Word.doc