SDOP is . . .

about human dignity, self-reliance and community growth; partnership in long-term solutions and the empowerment of people.

SDOP is not . . .

a crisis fund for emergency situations; a provider of funds to social service agencies; a provider of scholarships; a financial institution for personal loans and grants; or, a charity. While congregations and other organizing groups are encouraged to reach out to communities and provide help to groups as they develop projects, the projects must be presented, owned and controlled by the groups who will bene?t directly from them.

Who Should Apply. . .

The Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People is prepared to establish partnerships with groups within the boundaries of the Presbytery of Baltimore who:

  • are oppressed by poverty or social systems,
  • want to take charge of their own lives,
  • have organized or are organizing to do something about their own conditions,
  • have decided that they are going to produce long term changes for their lives or communities,
  • will control the programs they own and will directly bene?t from them.


How to Apply. . .  

Program Information Sheet

Application - Word Doc.

Download the Word.doc application, save and complete. Then print it and fax to 410.433.2066 or mail to the Presbytery of Baltimore c/o Deb Milcarek - SDOP, 5400 Loch Raven Blvd., Balto. MD 21239 by 3pm on Monday, October 2, 2017. For more information email to Deb Milcarek, Associate for Reconciliation.