Sexual Misconduct Response Team: It is the policy of the Presbytery of Baltimore, as it is of the denomination, that all church members, church officers, non-member employees and volunteers of its member congregations maintain at all times the integrity of ministerial, employment and professional relationships. Sexual misconduct of any kind is a violation of scriptural teachings and of ministerial, pastoral, employment and professional relationships. It is never permissible nor acceptable. The following information serves as the Sexual Misconduct Policy of the Presbytery and provides guidelines for church professionals, officers, members, non-member employees and volunteers.  We've also included a Sexual Misconduct Policy Template for congregations to use in creating their own policy.

As such, the Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) is appointed by the Committee on Ministry and serves under its supervision to support the Presbytery in making an expeditious, professional, objective, effective and caring response to allegations of sexual misconduct. SMRT provides pastoral care and advocates (if requested) on behalf of all parties involved in an accusation of sexual misconduct, individuals as well as sessions and congregations. Currently, SMRT members have experience in counseling, nursing, and sexual misconduct prevention education. They do not investigate allegations, but rather accompany the parties involved through the process of investigation and resolution.

SMRT is also charged with providing mandatory Healthy Boundaries training opportunities for all ordained ministers, Commissioned Lay Pastors and Certified Christian Educators within geographical Presbytery bounds. This training is encouraged for session and congregational members as well, in that education is a primary deterrent to misconduct. To file a complaint, contact: Catherine G.Blacka,Stated Clerk, at 410.433.2012 or Any questions? Contact SMRT Chair E. Terrence Alspaugh at

SMRT Policy

SMRT Flow Chart 

SMRT Policy Template

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect