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Susquehanna Parish is delighted to invite members of its 11 churches -- as well as, church leaders from other congregations in the Presbytery of Baltimore -- to join us for this day of training. Admission for the training is free for members of Susqehanna Parish Ministry Group's churches. Other Presbyterians may register to attend for a modest fee of $15 to cover food and materials. To register, complete the form below and submit your registration.  Paying participants, please make your check payable to The Presbytery of Baltimore and mail to:

William Starke
10810 Stevenson Road
Stevenson, MD 21153

For more or more information, contact the Susquehanna Parish Ministry Group Convener, Rev. Kimberly Secrist Ashby or call her at 410.879.7729.

                     Training Workshop Schedule                        
8:30am      Registration 
9:00am Worship 
9:15am Keynote Presentation


Transforming Phase: Innovating Discipleship to Children, Youth & Families

Many churches look around their sanctuaries and wonder where the young people are. As culture and generational norms shift, what is the church’s response? Churches can continue doing ministry to children, youth and families, the way they have always done it, or churches can choose to listen and learn from young people, and then innovate.This keynote will address recent research on young people, questions to consider personally and as a leadership team, and simple next steps in preparing to innovate discipleship. The goal is not to walk away with a new outline for a children’s or youth ministry; but, to think thoughtfully about the process of shifting your church's culture in order to innovate.


10:30am Workshops -- Combo (A) or (1) or (2)
11:30am Workshops -- Combo (A) or (3) or (4)
12:30pm  Lunch
1:30pm Workshops -- Combo (B) or (5) or (6)
2:30pm Workshops -- Combo (B) or (7) or (8)
3:30pm Dismissal with Prayer 


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( ) - ext.
MORNING WORKSHOPS: Choose Combo A or Select Between Workshop (1) or (2) and (3) or (4)
AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS: Choose Combo B or Select Between Workshop (5) or (6) and (7) or (8)
Elder Deacon Training Workshop (All Day) * If selecting this workshop you may also select between workshop 7 or 8