Assists congregations making the transition from one pastor to the next pastor (including the interim pastor), whether this is from permanent installed to permanent installed pastor, or from one form of pastorate to another form of pastorate (e.g. from permanent installed to designated or temporary, or the reverse). Click here for information about the Transition Team.

Church in Transition Phases

Helps congregations and pastors understand and follow Presbyterian procedures for this process, including:

  • Closure with the departing pastor;
  • Acquiring and approving an interim pastor;
  • Developing a ministry assessment;
  • Nominating and electing a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC);
  • Developing and getting approval for the Ministry Information Form;
  • Educating PNCs in how to read Pastor Information Forms and interview candidates;
  • Obtaining neutral pulpits;
  • Getting approval of candidates (connecting PNCs with the Credentials team);
  • Seeking congregational approval of candidates; and
  • Welcoming the new pastor into the presbytery, including ordination/installation service advice, plus other connections with the Presbytery;
  • When a church is in transition or does not have a called pastor