Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation

Encouraging, Challenging and Equipping Congregations to Thrive Spiritually and Be Apostles for Reconciliation




2019 Operating Budget


Key Points 


A 10 cents increase in the Presbytery’s share of Per Capita from $25.85 to $25.95

Shared Giving Ministry giving decreased from $225,000 to $200,000

Trustee Support set at 4.5% of rolling endowment balances, net of Trustee spending (including 25% of finance salaries and benefits). 

First $70,000 of General Assembly and Synod Mission giving used to support local mission personnel expenses. 

 Salary cost-of-living increases at 1.06%.

No change in benefit costs. (Anticipated increase by Board of Pensions in Fall 2018)

Budget cuts of 12.5% were made to Commission and committee budgets to reflect lower Shared Ministry income giving.




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Per Capita




$    .85

General Assembly PC(USA)

$  8.95







Understanding Per Capita

Presbyterians have always understood that we are a connectional church, that we have a covenantal relationship with each other and with God.  In order for our relationships to deepen and our partnership to flourish, we need to support each other.  One way the Church has done this is through Per Capita gifts from local churches.  These funds are vital to the Church as a whole and they pay for the core functions of the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. Per Capita Apportionment is based on the membership of the church on January 1st of the prior year.  The apportionment rate is derived by dividing the total budget by the total membership, after adjusting for interest income and utilization of reserves from the prior year. 

Per Capita Allows Us to Govern Ourselves

We have a form of government built upon shared power and mutual accountability as we seek together to find and represent the will of Christ. Our Constitution provides a moral and theological compass that builds community and calls us to Christian faithfulness in gratitude to God. Per Capita Apportionment offers an opportunity for all communicant members of the Presbyterian Church to participate equally, responsibly and interdependently through their governing bodies by sharing the cost of coordination and evaluation of our mission.  It also enables the church to perform ecclesiastical, legislative and judicial functions that identify a reformed church and strengthens its sense of community among all Presbyterians. Per Capita Apportionments provide the necessary costs mandated by the Book of Order which states that we have a covenantal and moral responsibility to pay our apportionments.

Per Capita Connects Us Beyond Our Own Congregation

Historically, Presbyterians have always understood that our work and witness for the gospel is more effective when we do it together, rather than separately. Together, we have access to a greater abundance of resources for doing mission, including time, money and talents. Together, we also share the expenses of being organized for mission, thus providing for the infrastructure that supports our mission work.

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